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Without False Modesty

April 27th, 2011

Both my grandfather and my father asked me to explain why I thought I had received my awards. Since they are the most loyal readers and commenters of my blog, I’d like to honor their request. My grandfather added that he’d like me to write without “false modesty,” behavior that is intended to seem humble but comes across as fake and unflattering. Well, I’ll try my best.

This is why I think Campus Council awarded me their Senior Leadership Award and ISA their Inspiration Award:

  • I have been very involved in campus life during my time here. In this post from my sophomore year, I listed all the things I would be involved in my junior year. I have been part of the Wooster Activities Crew, Residence Life, Campus Council, Admissions Staff, Library Staff, ISA, and the Ambassadors Program.
  • I have been a good student through this busy campus life, making the Dean’s list every semester while I was here.

This is of course a very short summary, but I think these are the core reasons I got these two awards. However, I would have liked to give a little speech when I received these awards. First, because I like speeches and second because I think I could give some advice to those students who are, in fact, inspired by me. It is nice to inspire people to become involved and do well in school, but I think, as I said in that sophomore post, that balance is important. My grandfather, in his last comment, noted that free time is only enjoyable in contrast with busy times. But, the opposite is true too. Being involved and busy is only fun and rewarding if you can also take time off. That has been one of the greatest challenges for me. The last three weeks of the spring semester of my junior year, I was overwhelmed as documented in this post from that time. It was a time in which I wrote one of my best blog posts, I finished a very strong Junior IS, I won the RA of the year award, and I got one of my best GPAs. Thus, being very busy made me produce at the highest level, but it was not maintainable in the long run. Summer came just in time to save me. My work may have been of high quality, but my face gave away that my body was strained by a life with too many commitments. I hadn’t seen my friends in weeks, I ate while I did work, I slept short nights, and I hadn’t seen the gym in weeks.

I learned my lessons from junior year, and I cut back on my activities for my senior year. That helped me complete my Senior I.S. almost entirely stress free and enjoy my last semesters in Wooster. Again, it is great to be productive and to accept the challenges and opportunities that Wooster offers wholeheartedly. But, always remember that in order to remain sane, you need to have balance in your life.