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Symposium Synopsis

May 1st, 2011

The past week involved some very nice dinners. On Tuesday, I went out with Keri for a late celebration of her 22nd birthday at South Market Bistro. South Market Bistro is my favorite restaurant in Wooster because it serves local, organic, high quality food in a very nice setting with great service. The only downside is that you are paying for this quality experience. Even if I only eat a main course and I do not drink anything but water, I still spend 30 dollars. On Wednesday, my wallet did not have to suffer. I went to City Square Steakhouse, across from South Market Bistro. I went there with a couple from the Wooster community, Judy and Harry, and with my fellow Dutch senior, Marijke. Harry picked up the bill and encouraged us to go all out. He didn’t have to tell me twice, so I ordered a 10 oz Mignon steak, a nice red wine, and warm apple crisp with ice cream for desert. On Friday, I went out to Broken Rocks. This is my favorite restaurant when I take price into consideration. The food is really good and for ten dollars, you have great food with some amazing complimentary bread. At Broken Rocks, some tomato soup, a strawberry spinach salad, and a Great Lakes beer made for a good meal with some friends.

This past week was a four-day school week, with three restaurant dinners. Not bad, but that Friday, before I went to Broken Rocks, there was the Independent Study Symposium.

The I.S. symposium is a celebration of the research Wooster students do. Every senior gets a chance to share what they have worked on during the year. Students can either do a poster session or an oral presentation. All classes are canceled and local vendors provide free food in all the major academic buildings.

Unfortunately, I had to work my office hours at residence life from 9:00 a.m. to noon. At 1:30 p.m. was my own presentation, so after my office hours were done, I wanted to take some time to change, eat, and rehearse my presentation a few times. Therefore, I had to miss many of the good presentations that my friends gave.

My presentation went very well. A good number of people that I have gotten to know throughout my Wooster years were there, and the audience was very receptive to my speech. They laughed when I showed the picture of me not fitting in the audiology testing booth. I felt amazing after the speech. People seemed to be just as interested in um, you know, and like, as me, and moreover, I was now really done with Independent Study.

After my presentation, I attended some poster sessions and a presentation on sex trade in Thailand. After the symposium was done at 3:00 p.m., there was a closing event. At this event, the price winners for the digital I.S. competition were announced. The winner was Cathy Trainor who created a documentary on Fort Ross, the number three, Jacob, created this website on Wooster’s buildings. There were also prizes for the most creative title, the longest title, the most incomprehensible title, etc. The keynote speaker for this final event was a 2003 graduate who talked about how I.S. had helped him throughout his life after Wooster. A very nice article on the I.S. symposium is to be found here.