Last Week of Classes

May 4th, 2011

It doesn’t feel like it. I am working on some papers, going to work in the library, and I am having meetings. Class is still class, but I only have four sessions left. Four sessions and I will most likely never be in an undergraduate class again.

The weather is probably one contributor to the fact that it still seems like we are in the middle of the semester. I love Wooster springs, because of the blooming trees, the flowers coming up, and the crisp air on the mornings of sunny days. People start wearing shorts and flip-flops and life seems easy. This year, it seems like we are skipping spring almost entirely. We have had over ten days of straight rain. Yesterday, I felt like I needed gloves when walking to class. Last night, I was wearing a t-shirt, a hoodie, woollen socks, and pajama pants to bed. The heat in my building was turned off two weeks ago with the assumption in mind that spring weather had arrived. It was colder in my apartment than it had been all year.

Other than my four class sessions, I still have to finish one fiction story, two papers, and take two final exams. That’s all the requirements left for a Bachelor’s Degree. Still, it feels like there are still many weeks left in the semester and like I’ll be back on campus next fall.

Yesterday, I decided to take a day off from schoolwork. I paid my last car insurance bill, bought a new Brita water filter, and cleaned my apartment. After these errands, it was time for a dinner with the Andrews hall Residence Life staff. We went to a new place in town, called ZEN. I had a red curry with light spice which still made my eyes watery. It was a nice closing event and we talked about how we could meet up in the future in Boston, Amsterdam, London, or a place still unknown. After dinner, it was time for some indoor soccer. I love those fun, quick, informal, low pressure soccer games. Straight after the game, I went to Gault Manor to play the Jamaican card game Kalooki with some friends. I racked up the most points in the game which is the exact opposite of the goal of the game. My friends said it was okay because I was a beginner but it still didn’t feel great. The game lasted from 10:30 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. was still, despite the exceedingly high number of points I collected (I had more than 800, the winner had less than 100).


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