One to Go

May 9th, 2011

All that stands between me and a Bachelor’s Degree now is one exam. I still need to gather all the information, store it in my neurons, and retrieve it on Wednesday starting 2:00 p.m. However, after going through this process so many times in my college career and even during my high school days, I think I can do it.

Today, I took my Intrapersonal Communication exam. It wasn’t bad at all, I expected it to be much longer. I also turned in my last story for Introduction to Fiction and Poetry writing. This last story had a much stronger lower story than my previous ones and also included some good desire and conflict. Yes, it may be clear that I learned a thing or two about fiction writing.

The spring weather has finally arrived. Many people had predicted that we would skip spring and jump straight to summer after early March weather that just wouldn’t go away. However, I consider today a beautiful spring day. Not all trees have full grown leafs, many are blooming, and the weather is sunny but still a little chilly. People are studying on the fields around campus, trying to solve their vitamin D shortages.

Right now it is really a time of lasts. Today I have my last library shift, this weekend was the last social weekend with everyone on campus, I had my last Reslife meeting, I wrote my last undergraduate paper, and, as mentioned before, Wednesday is my last exam.

I am trying to enjoy it all. It is never easy to leave a place that you love, but I have had four amazing years at this college. I am excited for the summer and my graduate school program in Amsterdam next year. The incoming class will consist of students born in 1993. I was six years old in that year and my younger brother, who came after my two younger sisters, was born in 1992, so it seems right for me to move on.

This will not be my last post yet, I promise, but I will say goodbye for now, because I am about to play some tennis during my last finals week at The College of Wooster.


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  1. Charlotteon 23 May 2011 at 3:59 pm

    one more!! 🙂

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