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Bastiaan van de Lagemaat
I was born and raised in the Netherlands. That means that my native language is Dutch. I love skiing, traveling, the mountains, nature, surfing, and life in general. I am a sophomore math major, but I am also interested in politics, philosophy, history, science, economics, and communication. I work in the library as a reference assistant and I blog for admissions. I am involved in this semester's theater production, Letting Go. My classes this semester are: Calculus II, Programming I, Peace Studies, and Logic & Philosophy. Fun facts: I have three siblings: two younger sisters and a younger brother. I am six foot and six inches tall. I have climbed mount Kilimanjaro. I have one of the longest names on campus: Bastiaan Gijsbert Karel van de Lagemaat. I like reading, playing chess, playing tennis, playing soccer, and playing guitar. If you want to know more about me, just email me.

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